Project Rules

Rules & Policy

  1. All submitted material must be your original work. We do not accept submission with copyrighted material that you do not own, or have clearance to use.
  2. 10 Minutes Max (including credits) equates to a script of 10 pages (not including the title page).
  3. Each film with in the project should have different actors. No film can use the same actors as another film.
  4. Registration Fee: Payment should be submitted through PayPal first, then send the receipt along with your script or film. Your script or film will not be reviewed without the payment receipt.
  5. Each writer must submit their script to along with your registration receipt.
  6. Deadlines are final. No extensions.
  7. Once the films are submitted to PhillyCAM, no changes or updates can be made. (Please double check your work: opening credits, sound, color, closing credits; view it from different electronic devices if need be).
  8. Filmmaker is required to attend scheduled screening(s) of the project.
  9. By submitting your script and film, you are giving the producers Live Footage 215 permission to use your film as part of the 5 Shorts Project.